A ten year-old boy faces up to the struggles of life in a summer camp. It’s not easy to be ignored by the girl of his heart or seeing his dormitory vandalised by adolescent thugs.
Fortunately, in the forest, the wild haggis insists on remaining out of sight.

Director's Bio-filmography

João Nicolau was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1975. He works as a film director, film editor, actor and musician.

His first feature film, The Sword and the Rose, comes after two shorts which have achieved an amazing success: Song of Love and Health (2009), after it’s premiere in Cannes’ Director’s Forthnight, has been awarded a total of 9 times in festivals such as Belfort, Brive, Recife and Rio de Janeiro and has been screened in more than 20 film festivals around the world. Bird of Prey, his first short (2006), also released in Cannes, has been selected for more than 60 international film festivals and been awarded at, among others, Milano, Belfort, Réus and Vila do Conde.

JONH FROM [2015] WILD HAGGIS [2013] THE GIFT OF TEARS (commisioned by Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture) [2012] THE SWORD AND THE ROSE [2010] SONG OF LOVE AND HEALTH [2009] BIRD OF PREY [2006] YOU CAN´T LIVE WITH YOUR MOUTH SHUT [1999]

Director's note

The wild haggis are mythical beings that exist in the shifting terrain situated between childhood, ingenuity and popular superstition. They are, if we like, a collective exponentiation of imagination. Not being an expert, I suspect cinema is practically the same.


PORTUGAL: OCTOBER 17, 2013 Programme “O Som e a Fúria presents 4 Shorts”

Festivals & Awards

Director’s Fortnight – Cannes Film Festival Illy Award for Best Short Film [France, 2013]
21º Curtas Vila do Conde [Portugal, 2013]: Honorable Mention (M/9) Curtinhas Competition
Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife: Best Cinematography [Brazil, 2013]
Cinemed: Grand prix du court métrage [France, 2013]
Festival Luso Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira [Portugal, 2013]: Film Society Award
Festival Ibérico de Cinema de Badajoz [Spain, 2014] Melhor Música Original
Sarajevo International Film Festival [Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013]
Milano Film Festival [Italy, 2013]
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival [Brazil, 2013]

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Tomás Franco Paulo Duarte Ribeiro Pedro Leitão Isabel Portugal Ana Sofia Ribeiro


written and directed João Nicolau cinematography Mário Castanheira sound Vasco Pimentel 1st assistant director Bruno Lourenço continuity Telmo Churro art direction Bruno Duarte wardrobe Lucha d’Orey editor Telmo Churro, João Nicolau sound editor and mix Miguel Martins music diector Mariana Ricardo production manager Joaquim Carvalho producers Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar co-producer Justin Taurand

35MM + DCP | 1:1.66 | DOLBY SRD | 20’



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